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Tabletop Games

A Disney Lorcana guide for absolute beginners

Is Magic: The Gathering’s new set intentionally similar to Disney Lorcana?

Daggerheart, the Critical Role publisher’s answer to D&D, feels indistinct

Get essential D&D books for their lowest prices ever

D&D’s worst book needs an update, and that’s an opportunity for creators of all stripes

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the co-op RPG I’ve been waiting for

HeroQuest’s new expansion is coming Jan. 2024, and you can pre-order now

Get $179 worth of Pathfinder Tales for just $25 at Humble

The Metal Gear Solid board game commits a cardinal sin and gets away with it

Star Wars: Unlimited TCG feels quick and punchy, like a great Star Wars video game

D&D’s next iteration needs to keep things simple, too

Local retailer had $300,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards stolen at Gen Con

Cosmoctopus board game tackles cosmic horror without invoking Lovecraft

The PS5’s first discount is happening at GameStop, Amazon, and more

D&D publisher updates policies after AI art discovered in latest book

Call of Duty: The Board Game brings FPS excitement to Gen Con

Disney Lorcana launch brings out the worst in Gen Con attendees, with reported shoving and verbal abuse

Fallout, Final Fantasy, and Assassin’s Creed are coming to Magic: The Gathering

You can already buy Gen Con’s Ennie-winning RPGs

Blade Runner RPG publisher Free League wins big at Gen Con’s Ennie Awards for 2023

Following the success of the Undaunted series, General Orders storms into Gen Con

Guilty Gear’s board game perfectly translates virtual fighters to tabletop

Betrayal at House on the Hill’s next expansion sets Santa loose with horrid holiday haunts

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Oink Games’ colorful collection of small-box board games wows at this year’s Gen Con

The quirky Japanese publisher is known for its sharp design

This stream has:

Gen Con 2023: All the best board games, RPGs, and card games from Indianapolis

Eve Online gets an epic 4X board game, and the miniatures look incredible

Post Malone has bought Magic’s $2M One Ring card

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone outdoes Necromunda with a badass boxed set

Call of Duty: The Board Game has launched on Kickstarter

Asmodee’s Cobra Kai board game is now available at Walmart

Pikachu Happy Meals — and 15 new cards — are reportedly coming to McDonald’s soon

Hasbro’s AI aspirations include a partnership with a novel digital board game platform

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