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The Pope’s Exorcist, Elemental, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend

Russell Crowe stars as a cantankerous exorcist in one of this week’s biggest streaming debuts

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Russell Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth in The Pope’s Exorcist facing the camera with short hair and a glowing orange light behind him Image: Sony Pictures

Happy Friday, Polygon readers!

Each week, we round up the most notable releases new to streaming and VOD, highlighting the biggest and best new movies for you to watch at home. This week we have a new supernatural horror film starring Russell Crowe, a raunchy sex comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence, and much more.

The Pope’s Exorcist finally comes to streaming on Netflix after premiering in April, as well The Monkey King, a new animated fantasy comedy from the director of The Boxtrolls. Miguel Wants to Fight lands on Hulu alongside the new serial killer crime thriller To Catch a Killer starring Shailene Woodley and Ben Mendelsohn. Then there’s all the new releases on VOD this week, like the romantic comedy No Hard Feelings and Pixar’s latest animated film, Elemental.

Let’s dive in!

New on Netflix

The Pope’s Exorcist

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Russell Crowe holds up a cross with flames behind him in The Pope’s Exorcist. Image: Sony Pictures

Genre: Supernatural horror
Run time: 1h 43m
Director: Julius Avery
Cast: Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe

One of the surprise best movies of 2023 lands on Netflix this week, bringing the exorcism thrills and laugh-out-loud jokes only a hyper-Italian Russell Crowe could bring to a horror movie. And when you’re done, we ranked movie exorcists in celebration of this event.

From our review:

The big surprise is that The Pope’s Exorcist is extremely well made, with constantly creative shots and setups from Avery, who has previously turned B-movie material into something exceptionally fun. (See: 2018’s Overlord.) The scares are exciting and inventive, while Crowe hams up his Italian accent to full-on prosciutto. And by the time the demons really arrive, they look and sound great — the latter thanks to the reliable, gravelly voice of The Green Knight’s Ralph Ineson.

The Monkey King

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Image: Netflix

Genre: Fantasy action-comedy
Run time: 1h 32m
Director: Anthony Stacchi
Cast: Jimmy O. Yang, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, Nan Li

The Boxtrolls director Anthony Stacchi takes on the classic Chinese tale of the Monkey King in this co-production between Netflix and China’s Pearl Studio, which worked with DreamWorks on Kung Fu Panda 3. The sprawling voice cast stars Jimmy O. Yang as the Monkey King himself, with Bowen Yang, Stephanie Hsu, BD Wong, and Hoon Lee among the many other talents featured.

New on Hulu

Miguel Wants to Fight

Where to watch: Available to stream on Hulu

(L-R) Miguel (Tyler Dean Flores) and Adrian (Jordyn Owens) facing off in a martial arts duel in Miguel Wants to Fight. Image: Hulu

Genre: Coming-of-age comedy
Run time: 1h 15m
Director: Oz Rodriguez
Cast: Tyler Dean Flores, Christian Vunipola, Imani Lewis

This new coming-of-age comedy follows Miguel (Tyler Dean Flores), a fun-loving teenager who loves hanging out with his friends and watching anime. After learning his parents plan on moving away from his hometown, Miguel becomes self-conscious over the fact that he has never gotten into a fight — a common occurrence in his neighborhood that’s seen as an unofficial rite of passage. Determined to get into and win a fight, Miguel begins training, but the reality of actually getting into a fight is much harder than it seems.

To Catch a Killer

Where to watch: Available to stream on Hulu

(L-R) Shailene Woodley, Jovan Adepo, and Ben Mendelsohn in To Catch a Killer. Image: Vertical Entertainment

Genre: Crime thriller
Run time: 1h 59m
Director: Damián Szifron
Cast: Shailene Woodley, Ben Mendelsohn, Jovan Adepo

Shailene Woodley (Divergent) stars in this new crime thriller as Eleanor, a promising yet troubled Baltimore police officer. After a series of sniper attacks and bombings rocks the city, Eleanor is tapped by the FBI’s chief investigator (Ben Mendelsohn) in order to track down the culprit and bring them to justice.

New on Peacock

Every Body

Where to watch: Available to stream on Peacock

(L-R) Sean Saifa Wall, River Gallo, and Alicia Weigel standing side-by-side; the subjects of the 2023 documentary Everybody. Photo: Matt Licari/Invision/AP

Genre: Documentary
Run time: 1h 32m
Director: Julie Cohen
Cast: Sean Saifa Wall, Alicia Roth Weigel, River Gallo

Julie Cohen’s latest documentary centers on the stories of three intersex individuals who reject societal stigma and come out to openly advocate for the rights of the intersex population.

New on Shudder

Bad Things

Where to watch: Available to stream on Shudder and AMC Plus

Gayle Rankin in a yellow coat holding a chainsaw with an orange handle over her head in Bad Things. Image: Shudder

Genre: Horror
Run time: 1h 23m
Director: Stewart Thorndike
Cast: Gayle Rankin, Hari Nef, Annabelle Dexter-Jones

This new horror film follows a group of friends who stay at a hotel for a free weekend getaway, only to realize that the history of the hotel is riddled with stories of women who unexpectedly lose their minds and do, well, bad things. The trailer gives off the vibe of “The Shining, but make it about female intergenerational trauma,” which is an interesting premise to say the least.

New to rent or buy

No Hard Feelings

Where to watch: Available to purchase for $19.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Jennifer Lawrence sits on a couch with Andrew Barth Feldman awkwardly on her lap in the movie No Hard Feelings. Photo: Macall Polay/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 1h 43m
Director: Gene Stupnitsky
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Barth Feldman, Laura Benanti

Jennifer Lawrence stars in this raunchy, hilarious sex comedy as Maddie, a frustrated and financially insecure bartender and Uber driver in New York. When Maddie responds to an unusual Craigslist ad to “date” Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), the socially awkward son of a wealthy couple, in an effort to boost his confidence ahead of college, she pulls out all the stops to become the boy’s new beau.

From our review:

Mostly, No Hard Feelings is a reminder that Lawrence — an actor who exploded in popularity thanks to the strength of unforgettable dramatic roles in films like Winter’s Bone, Silver Linings Playbook, and the Hunger Games series — is extremely funny. Whether it’s the physical comedy of Maddie’s over-the-top come-ons, her quippy and sweary put-downs directed toward ex-boyfriends and other teenagers, or her barely simmering rage at the rich vacationers that flood her hometown every year, Lawrence is funny in several registers, and the entire movie is held together by her sheer charisma.


Where to watch: Available to purchase for $19.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Ember and Wade from Pixar’s Elemental standing next to each other Image: Pixar/Disney

Genre: Romantic comedy-drama
Run time: 1h 41m
Director: Peter Sohn
Cast: Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, Ronnie Del Carmen

Set in a world inhabited by the anthropomorphic manifestations of the four elements, Pixar’s latest animated comedy centers on Ember (Nancy Drew’s Leah Lewis) and Wade (Archive 81’s Mamoudou Athie), a fire and water element, respectively, who unexpectedly meet and fall in love despite their cultural differences.

From our review:

The core of Elemental is about cross-cultural relationships and the pressure of being a second-generation immigrant living up to parental expectations, while trying to figure out what you actually want out of life. The characters and their relationships are vibrant and fully fleshed out. Visually, Elemental is up there with Inside Out in just how dang cool it looks. But every tender, heartfelt moment in Elemental immediately raises a million world-building questions. While fantasy movies certainly don’t have to address every single wrinkle of their settings, there comes a point where the cool aesthetic and zany elements erode the heart of a story.

Kokomo City

Where to watch: Available to rent for $7.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

A woman dressed in a headwrap and t-shirt with long nails stares up at a camera in Kokomo City. Image: Magnolia Pictures

Genre: Documentary
Run time: 1h 13m
Director: D. Smith
Cast: Daniella Carter, Koko Da Doll, Liyah Mitchell

The first film from Grammy-nominated producer D. Smith follows the stories of four transgender sex workers living in New York and Georgia. Shot in black and white, the film offers insight into the embattled nature of not only their profession, but the cultural fault lines of gender and identity that intersect with their daily lives.

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