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When is The Flash coming to Max?

The Flash should make it to streaming sooner than you think

(L-R) Ezra Miller as Young Barry, Ezra Miller as Barry/The Flash and Sasha Calle as Supergirl standing in the Batcave in their costumes in The Flash. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
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The Flash is rushing into theaters this weekend and the movie is crowded with a multiverse full of cameos and stars. But to really catch all the references and Easter eggs, you might have to wait for the streaming release of the movie. The good news is the Flash will be making his way to Max sometime in the near future.

While Warner Bros. Discovery hasn’t officially let anyone know when the movie will arrive on streaming, there are plenty of clues that can give us a pretty good educated guess.

When will The Flash be on Max?

The Flash will arrive on Max on Aug. 25. It’s a very quick turn around for a movie of that size, but it’s still not a particularly surprising one. The Flash did terribly at the box office, much like Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the other DC movie to come out before it this year. After the Shazam! sequel’s rough performance it was shunted to Max on May 23, just a couple of months after its release on March 17. The Flash fared pretty similarly.

Ultimately, The Flash made just $268 million at the global box office, a tremendously disappointing number against its estimated $200 million budget — which doesn’t even include marketing. It did at least make more than Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which only managed $133 million globally.

Had the movie done slightly better it could have lasted until nearly September or October before it hit streaming, but with Blue Beetle in theaters already, there wasn’t much incentive for Warner Bros. to wait.

Of course, if you’re extra eager to relive all of the movie’s high-speed moments, you can purchase or rent the movie on VOD services like Vudu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video now.

Will The Flash be on Netflix?

Nope, it won’t be. Warner Bros. has its own streaming service with Max (the service previously known as HBO Max), which is where all of its superhero movies land after they’re released.

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